New housing system in the woods . Europan 11 . Almere


The purpose of this proposal is to generate a new housing system in the woods that suggests a different way of relationship and integration with nature.

We intend to develop a configuration that avoids cartoonish approaches to what ‘living in nature’ means and propose a contemporary way of adaptation to the environment. The intervention is understood as a temporary sequence in phases that articulate the area. Each phase complements the previous phase and provides new possibilities. In this way the infrastructure can grow without a crucial morphological transformation thus generating an open composition that regulates its size and shape based on the status of the intervention.

Project: New housing system in the woods
Location: Almere, Nederland
Area: 450 sqm/m2 (Building) + 15ha (Study area)
Date: June 2011
Team: Modo
Result: Honorable Mention

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