Wiel Arets Architects

KNSM Island Skydome . Amsterdam

Wiel Arets Architects . photos: © Jan Bitter . + archdaily

The design consists of four separate but closely grouped towers.

The project has has 21 stories, each a level of housing containing five apartments, as well as five penthouses on the highest floor. The tower block stands on the KNSM Island, formerly occupied by the Royal Netherlands Steamboat Company, with a view of Amsterdam in one direction and the waters of the IJ in the other. The four elements comprising the tower block come into confrontation with the ground plane at different heights. Fluctuating in height with regards to the ground floor level, the elements are designed so as to create a skyline at ground level, and views are afforded through the indoor car park from this level as well.

Project team
Wiel Arets, Elmar Kleuters, Paul Kuitenbrouwer, René Thijssen
Anca Arenz, Ivo Daniëls, Jo Janssen, Maurice Paulussen, Henrik Vuust

Wilma Bouw BV
Cauberg & Huijgen Raadgevende Ingenieurs BV, Loveld, Wilma Bouw BV
Date of design
Date of completion

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