Herzog & de Meuron

Zellwegerpark apartment building . Uster

Herzog & de Meuron

Close to the centre of Uster, this new apartment building is part of the Zellwegerpark, an industrial area with a network of ponds, creeks and canals that has slowly added residential housing as part of its mixed-use development.

The site is located on the shore of Herterweiher pond. Different from the neighbouring buildings, the new residence is almost cubic and rotated to offer the best light conditions and take advantage of diverse views to the city, the Greifensee, and the Alps. 32 generously-sized flats with large windows and individual private balconies fit within a surprisingly compact eight-storey structure. This is made possible through a distinct typology: the internal core and circulation areas are reduced to a minimum by moving stairways to the four corners of the building. The external stairways are combined with private veranda balconies which anchor the volume in the park and expand the living experience into the surrounding nature.

Herzog & de Meuron Team:
Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Christine Binswanger (Partner in Charge)

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