Venturini House . Buenos Aires

Adamo-Faiden . photos: © Cristobal Palma . + archdaily

The house is located close to the abasto market, transformed today into a commercial center.

Like the market, the house where the venturini family presently lives, has homed a variety of different uses. At the time of the construction the house functioned as a house for rent. It`s organization responded to a very common typology in the city of buenos aires. small houses were located towards the interior of the block, where as the one belonging to the owner was the facade to the street. The devaluation of this area of the city towards the middle of last century brought about the occupation of the main house, being transformed into a tenement house.
Our intervention can be summarized in three actions: extraction, redescription and addition. the first of them meant the recovery of the original spatial structure. The second phase of the project was simply based on labeling again each of the spaces in order to adapt the existing structure to a contemporary way of life. Finally, the last action was based in two precise additions. The first of them was the materialization of a mezzanine floor, which allowed to simultaneously cover a yoga room in the basement and to give support to an exterior expansion for the living room area. At last, the construction of a light structure on the roof, for multiple uses, made visible the optimism that follows the revaluation of the city as a way of new crowning for the property.

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