MAQUINNEXT . Barcelona


Maquinnext represents an intense encounter between nature and the city.

It is the response to an ambitious brief which calls for the transformation of a neighbourhood into a new focal point in Barcelona with a mixed used development, including both the extension of a major shopping centre and residential use. A key issue in the design is phasing, since due to the weak housing market, the housing development is not expected to begin construction for another 4-5 years. The proposal makes a conscious decision to create an efficient, sustainable open air shopping center which will strengthen the existing facility's connection with its surroundings. The roof of the shopping center becomes an undulated landscape, an accessible green roof providing a much needed oasis in the hard surfaced city. Points are pulled upwards strategically to emphasize the entrances while others are pulled downwards to grant a soft entrance to the sublime, lifted forest which characterises the new development. The forest can be experienced visually from the entire neighborhood and physically from the new retail streets. The intense nature stimulates the shopping experience and pumps life into the district. It paradoxically merges into the urban fabric, as well as stands out. When the time comes for the residential development, slender high rise towers will emerge from the forest itself enriching the sky line of Barcelona.

Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries
with Marta Pozo, Tom Leahy, Davide Sacconi

Location : Barcelona, Spain
Year : 2012
Client : Unibail Rodamco, Paris, France
Program : 45.000 m2 shopping center with 57.000 m2 added residential complex

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