Atelier Fernandez & Serres

Multimedia Library Albert Camus . Carnoux

Atelier Fernandez & Serres . photos: © Jean-Michel Landecy

The multimedia library in Carnoux is nestled in the natural geography of the town.

The site lifts the spirit, whit its ancient pines, its delicate mix of trees, its silhouette and its view, but also by the fact final the town is so close by it rises up from the foot of the hills, en “inhabited restanque” punctuated with a vast window looking out at nature. Soft and delicate, the building made of white Madagascan marble, opens up to the south over a peaceful garden carved out of the rock. This garden extends the space and creates perspectives, lengthens distances and eliminates boundaries.
Speeding knowledge is a major task. Here, everything is designed so that the user can work in peace, and communicate within the building. The idea of e hub of information responds to the needs of the different areas but also to the open general space.

Inside, the multimedia library takes up the whole of the hall. Large and light, you can see the whole collection in one go. A large window the whole height of the room looks out to the road and the nearby trees. From the hall you can see the reference room, with the adult and youth collections. Shelves, tables and storage space define the work area and the passageways. As well as this main room, there are three “alcoves”; the records room, the music and reading room and an area dedicated to storytelling. These different areas are organised around a long, narrow patio. The flooring is made up of crushed Madagascan marble and reflects a soft and welcoming light.
The architecture, resolutely part of the landscape, is governed by the ephemeral – clouds, wind, seasons. As well as place of construction and dissemination of different media, this multimedia library has become a space of interaction, pleasure and reflection.

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