Junpei Nousaku

apartment Refurbishment in Akabane . Tokyo

Junpei Nousaku

This project is a refurbishment of a rental apartment that was originally owned privately.

The design concept is creating wide and simple space so that many people can use. For that, the number of rooms is reduced and the size of each element of the apartment such as a kitchen table or bathtub is expanded. It can be regarded as the expansion of the most typical Japanese apartment plan, which is around 20 m2 and for single life. For example, a tiny kitchen counter which you can use only kettle become large kitchen table which many people can use at the same time. A small bathroom that is full with a toilet and washbowl becomes a spacious bathroom like that of a luxury hotel. The dining room also becomes to the space where you can use as a guest room and hold a party. By expanding each element beyond its ordinary scale, the space will be liberal, public and free.

Refurbishment of apartment in Akabane
Location : Tokyo Japan
Year : 2012
Floor area : 47.97m2

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