Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

8 low cost renovation flats . Barcelona

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT . photos: © Marcela Grassi . + WAF

The main aim of the process of adaptation of the houses was searching the building's historical footprints using creative resources at the lowest cost, through a cleaning job, approach and discovery was possible to achieve optimal results.

The apartment building, located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, has been transformed over different historical periods such as the Renaissance, the Baroque and the modern era to the early twentieth century. It is also surrounded by a high density of historic remains inherited from the reconstructions after the bombings and fires in the city.
The intervention focused on research and the discovery of the original elements. Gothic arches are found, fragments of frescoes on the walls, ceramic tiled floor, wooden beams, and lime mortar, materials and construction elements very representative of traditional Catalan architecture that were returned in order to preserve the identity of the building.

The houses were restored respecting the site's history, simultaneously spatial redistribution was intended to address the new ways of living and facilitate new technologies. The interior spaces are dilated and light providing a new sense of welfare.
This overlap of historical elements and new poly carbonate partitions, result and dynamic living spaces that reflect different eras and linking past and present. The building acts as a mirror in which the passage of time is reflected.
The common terrace gives a sense of freedom in a compact urban core, also allowing the connection between neighbors, enjoying the views of the old town of Barcelona.

Benedetta Tagliabue
Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Project Director:
Mr Salvador Gilabert
Miss Valentina Antinucci
Carolina Brembilla
Mr Mattia Capelletti
Mr Santi Nuez
Miss Marta Ruiz Nieto
Mr Lorenzo Trucato

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