house of fairytales . odense

B•OND . BAM! . house of fairytales

A “FAIRYTALE BREAK” IN THE URBAN FORM OF ODENSE The garden brings visitors to enter in a surreal world in a sudden:the woods, the dunes, a single tall fir, flowers, and grass.The itinerary to the House of Fairytale starts in the garden, which is made with the elements that tells implicitly the fragments and recalls the various scene of the fairytale.

The project proposes a flexible form that allows to optimize the display of spaces and increase the surface area depending on the exhibition requirements. The proposed exhibition path follows the narrative structure of fairytales: the beginning, the adventures, the final. This path brings the visitor to explore the world of Andersen, from an overall introduction to the most intimate sphere. It firstly immerses the visitor in the natural world and introducing the history of places,then leads him to underground to discover the characters and the stories then, guided by the reading of the texts, he discovers the author’s life, philosophy,and anecdotes.

design team: Alberto Bottero, Valeria Bruni, Simona Della Rocca, Fabio Vignolo, Ilaria Mancini, Dao-Ming Chang

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