Heidi Bucher

Obermühle . 1980-81

+ Heidi Bucher . Alexander Gray Associates

Bucher’s “skinnings” are studies of personal, cultural, and collective memory and experience. The “skinnings” examine architectural elements of historically and personally significant buildings. Having studied fashion, Bucher began her career creating body wrappings, body shells, and latex casts of clothing, exploring clothes as second skins that hid women both physically and psychologically. Bucher’s move towards architectural imprints, which began after returning to Switzerland from Los Angeles in the early 1970s, was an extension of her earlier clothes-based works and her investigation of the body in space.
Heidi Bucher created pieces like Obermühle by applying fabric or caoutchouc to the interior surfaces of rooms, including doors, floor segments, windows, and entire walls.
Alexander Gray Associates

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