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house of fairytales . odense

Flores & Prats . house of fairytales

Hans Christian Andersen is the centre of the new Museum, the centre of the conversation.

A Conversation Around a Table.
His presence is the beginning of the story, and the begin­ning of the positioning of the other parts of this dialogue, located around him. From his figure the other partners are organized, listening to him, like an echo of his presence. Thus, the garden becomes now the table where to have tea and listen to his stories. The partners of this conversation attend and respond to this narrative.
This table reconstructs a conversation and a garden that existed here once, like a unity. This table re-connects the different parts of the city that the different urban develop­ments of the city have divided, proposing a dialogue be­tween the different disconnected borders. The importance of the figure of Hans Christian Andersen, the ambitious program of the Museum, and the great dimension of this garden, have the capacity to become again a strong part of the city with interrelated parts, all them linked by the cultural program of this Museum in the Garden.

Architects Ricardo Flores, Eva Prats.
collaborators: Oriol Valls, Francesca Baldessari, Ioanna Torcanu, Florencia Vignales, Clàudia Calvet, Joan Sanz, Gisela Morera, Christina Güemes.

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