Lúa Coderch

The Palaces Left Behind . 2014

Lúa Coderch . photos: © Roberto Ruiz . + The Green Parrot

The title... The World of Interiors, comes from a well-known British interior design magazine. One of the most interesting artists to come out of 1970s London, French artist Marc Camille Chaimowicz, used the technique of collage to intervene in an issue. The result was a very personal artist book in which he articulated the concept of interior as something in which the poetic cannot be separated from the political, nor the personal from the critical. This work functions as an introduction to the exhibition, in which five artists, Lúa Coderch among them, subtly explore the meaning of the word interior as something not only domestic but also related to the most intimate part of our subjectivity: its objects and its imaginary. In a similar way, The Green Parrot, due to its architecture, also suggests a relation with the exhibition space and with the artists more intimate and affective, opening up different relational possibilities and possible meanings.
The Green Parrot

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