Robert Kinmont

life is full of water and mistakes . 2014

Alexander and Bonin

The conceptual artist Robert Kinmont is primarily concerned with his environment, the Californian landscape. He works with simple, mostly natural materials, and places these in relation to his body and his life. At the beginning of the 1970s, Kinmont stopped making art and lived a rural life, raised his kids and built his own school, called Coyote. Legend has it that he taught his students about human creativity by cooking breakfast for them over a camp stove set up on the floor of their art school classroom.
Alexander and Bonin

trying to return home educated . 2014

five dirt roads Horton Creek, Chaulk Bluff, Owens River, Silver Canyon, Buttermilk . 2014

waiting and a broken letter . 2014

Listen . 2013

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