River Champagne Bar ‐ BAR LAS ILE . PARIS


The solid consists of a glass passage and the main body set on the water.

A long footbridge connecting the level of the street with the upper entrance to the building is a reference to a nearby pedestrian bridge Pont des Artes. The form of the spiral
bar itself was created by spinning a 2,5 meter wooden beam around its own axis. As a result two public zones were obtained: exterior terrace stairs and intimate inner space of the interior, enabling use of all the surface. The usage of the building exterior is also available after closure of the bar. In between the wooden structure appears the glazing, allowing a journey through all the levels and exploring the view of Paris at each side. The solid is gently pushed away from the shore so as not to limit the bandwidth boulevard and provide a better view of the skyline. At the level of the water appears the extended terrace with the water tram stop. The building draws attention to the relationship between architecture and water – it reflects as in mirror
revealing various faces, along with the changing time of the day.

The building is divided functionally
into three parts: panoramic terrace, a bar and a VIP room, to meet the needs of different customers.
The heart of the building is a bar where you can move along to the table spaces underground or simply enjoy the sunset from the terrace. The stereotype of a luxury champagne bar with a permanent furniture arrangement has been replaced with the alternative open space, which can be rearranged at any time and transformed through modular podestom.
The set of delicate bar stools and tables highlight the variety and add dynamics, creating the atmosphere of the Parisian bohemians. The functional structure adapts to the customers, but also keep up with contemporary man on the run. This is the place where one can taste the finest champagne, passing through the bar just "by the way". Building provides mobility to people with disabilities.

An important objective was to keep the trees
providing shade and design with the minimal interference to the existing site, in order not to lose the unique, romantic character of the place. The stone staircase adjacent to wall serves as a vertical communication between street level and the boulevard. The form of the platform on the pavement has been turned to a small-stepped 'tribune' that fits visually to the idea of ??a solid, promoting spending time on the bank of the river or organizing small concert events. In order to minimize the costs of maintaining the object, is was designed to use the energy of water current through the turbines mounted in the underwater part of the building. The outer wall of the basement is provided with a paddle, causing rotation of the ring surrounding the floor, thus generating energy.HONORABLE MENTION


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