Conversion Hammergut . Cham

EM2N . photos: © Roger Frei

The old Hammer farm estate is a powerful ensemble that has grown gradually over a period of 150 years, undergoing continuous transformation.

The strong orthogonal structure with the characteristic courtyard spaces and the connecting roofscape provided a basis for successfully integrating new buildings. Within the underlying order established by these elements an interesting catalogue of differentiated floor plan and construction typologies with various grains was created. This is the starting point for the present conversion, which is understood as a further ‘natural’ development stage. The aim is to create an atmospherically dense ensemble in which old and new buildings can coexist on an equal footing. The existing courtyard structure is retained and, at places, strengthened. All the new buildings have independent floor plan typologies and therefore augment the existing heterogeneous system. The old buildings are converted by means of carefully considered interventions. A lively mix of spaces for work and living remains the trade mark of this old farm estate.

Commission competition
Dates competition 2005 (1st prize), planning 2009–2013, construction 2011–2014
Size 7’000 m2
Costs CHF 27 Mio.
Client Hammer Retex AG

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