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Blumenhaus . Zürich

WAA | Wiel Arets Architects

Blumenhaus is located in the Escher-Wyss district of Zürich; a 'rough' area of the city and one of the most urban spaces in Switzerland.

When juxtaposed against the backdrop of Zürich's center, the neighborhood is characterized by relics from the city's industrial past. Reflecting the project's immediate surroundings, a textured metallic façade–heavily accentuated with ornamental cut-outs–shields the building's interior from this surrounding 'rough' condition. The façade of the ground floor has been kept free on three sides, maximizing its street-facing retail frontage, while the ground and first floors have been kept flexible, allowing each to be able to accommodate offices, restaurants, and/or shops. The top five floors of the building contain 23 apartments, with all oriented in at least two different directions, with either a north-south orientation or with an exposed corner, and most living spaces situated along the south façade. Loggias wrap the building, functioning as balconies, and floor to ceiling glazing with large opening elements prelude exterior living spaces, thus allowing for 'loggia living'.

Project team
Wiel Arets, Alexis Bikos, Boris Wolf, Felix Thies
Dunja Nedjar, Aline Amore, Marcos Romero, Tieme Zwartbol
Allreal West AG
Eichenberger AG, Gruenberg+Partner AG, BB & A Buri Bauphysik & Akustik AG, Gutknecht Elektroplanung AG, Hager Partner AG

Schiffbaustrasse 7
8005 Zürich
Housing, Retail
3.397 m2
Date of design
Date of completion
Spring 2016

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