Borsos . Bachman

Summer house . Kővágószőlős

Ágnes Borsos architects . Zoltán Bachman DLA . photos: © Ákos Mátételki . + architectforum

Kovágószolos has been identified as the part of the most ancient opened up settlement in the Pécs region so far. A 4000 years old soil-built Celtic castle proves that it has been a popular settlement among inhabitants since ancient times. Since the 1950s, as a matter of being in the neighbourhood of the socialist large-scale industry such as uranium mining, local residents –the miners- were only allowed -by the authorizations- to build small sized, hut- like buildings.

The capital element of the architectural concept was to keep in respect that scale of order, while adding the natural terrace system to its functions of today’s life complements. Modern materials were used, with the aim to ensure sustainability; the substances were weatherproof and time resistant. The concrete construction, the metal sheet coverings all provided proper protection against local extreme climate conditions.
The challenge of the planning was to provide a peaceful but after all an active atmosphere for the customers in this calm environment which is still in the agglomeration of a big city. Elements of the living space are located below the “house-like” contour, causing the mass and surface treatment a separation from server functions. It appears as a “floating” box.
The aim of our minimal square metre and ‘cube-less’ development was supposed to increase the level of usage in comfort in such a way to ignore the installation of today’s various passive and active systems. The large building area( 3000m2) and the small-sized house(78m2) provided the opportunity to realize the possible most optimal orientation; this work required a crossword-like level of investment. We consciously followed our architectural concept to complete the building from gardening plans to the wood-burning stove heating. The building turned into the house of freedom, now it is a recreational shelter for the overwrought urban man.

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