Ortiga & Moura

Haus der Zukunft Museum . Berlin

Ortiga & Moura

The new Haus der Zukunft Museum located on a proeminent site facing the Spree River, will enable visitors to take a look into the “world of tomorrow” by providing a showcase of the most advanced developments in science and research.

The design evolved from a reflection on the meaning of designing a “House of the Future” both in terms of formal materialization and technological sophistication, combining an optimum use of energy and materials on a functional design in order to provide the building with a good maturing process through the years.
Formally the HdZ is composed by two structures that share a common plateau and follow the same architectural language, a stacked layering of slabs and volumes that appear to be floating interspersed by frameless glass facades.
The program distribution allows for an optimum use of light and site qualitites with the entrance area and public spaces facing the river while the introverted exhibition spaces located at north.

Haus der Zukunft
Berlin, Germany
Building costs
11.940 m²
46 Mio EUR
2012, Finalist project
Bundesanstalt für

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