Dwyer Kilcollin

THE VIEW . 2014

Dwyer Kilcollin . + LAXART

Kilcollin has constructed a freestanding fence where the tree line breaks, revealing an expansive eastward view. Installed on the fence are a series of relief sculptures visually interpreting the landscape beyond, manifesting the view into a series of algorithmically derived image-shapes. The works presented in THE VIEW are deeply invested in an examination of the image from the inside out. Developed from a process that begins with the translation of a two-dimensional image manipulated through an algorithm, Kilcollin's work encapsulates a fluency in the virtual that is subsequently rendered materially-cast by hand using a gestural application of crushed rock and resin. Many of the works evoke familiar forms: a sweater, a book, a backpack, a pair of binoculars-their forms pigmented by the view beyond the fence.

Sunny 5pm Book, 1st Position . 2014

Cloudy 10am Bottles, 1st Position . 2014

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