Lionel Esche

totum pro parte

Lionel Esche . Munich Technical University . 120 Hours

120 Hours competition proposal.

Yes! But what is preservation actually? Preservation is to keep something alive, make it lasting, let it survive and let it breathe. And what can we do with an old coaling industry in our time, in the middle of the time where we have solar and wind energy and enormous problems with global warming?
To keep it short: Nothing right now.
So what should we preserve, the old architecture similar to a museum? And conserve it later, make it adaptable to show the so called failures of humans?
No! This time we want to try out a different way. We do not want to store architecture in a shelf and recreate the whole city.
To strip it down to the core: Pyramiden was an old industrial city with only one goal – to produce coal – which was lost in time. If we want to preserve the city, we need to create the same atmosphere of that time and at the same time remember the old city.
We have to say goodbye to all the old techniques, all the old pragmatism and dogmas. Recreate the city as if the city was build today or tomorrow.
A peristyle creates the frame around the new and old city center and hereby the garden of Pyramiden.
Following old orders the beauty is represented by the garden, which gives life to the city, while the frame is inhabiting everything from utilities to strength: From sports to living, back to offices and to research centers – for global war- ming –, to trading places – for transport ways and stock from Asia to Europe – and again back to hostels for tourists.
All these different and contrasting structures are always connected visually, into a single space, which changes with the flow of the people crossing it during the day. The central courtyard is the main entrance for the city, a space without hierarchy or directionality.
The peristyle is the frame around the core of the city. The grid inhabits small spaces with dimensions of 2.60m x 2.60m. In the frame, everything is oriented to the grid, the sleeping rooms, the balconies, the living rooms, the bathroom, the hostels, the sport centers, the schools, the working spaces as well as the containers, which fit perfectly inside the structure. If there is no need for the offered space, it will be empty, similar to before.
The court is the new and the old heart of the city. To remind yourself where you are and in which place you are, the old established buildings in Pyrami- den will not be changed nor inhabited. Instead, to connect the space and recreate a space for nature itself the ground will change. From the old harsh and cold city, it will become a rich garden, designed by humans, where the old buildings mark the difference and remind youself of the old city. In this way, we will not build a box or a simple frame around the city, but a courtyard for ourselves, to feel like home.
What we build is still a part of the old city. It is reinterpreting the old space.
– totum pro parte

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