Havn Housing . Sønderborg


In October 2008 Sønderborg Municipality published an ambitious masterplan by Frank Gehry for the redevelopment of Sønderborg Harbour, which consist of an area around 50,000 m2. The masterplan is an architectural intervention that will shape the entire harbourfront and the future life that will be lived along the waterside of the city. BIG’s project, Sønderborg, is a new 1,100 m2 residential building located on the northern side of the harbourfront close to the existing Sønderjylland Hospital. From the water the building is viewed as a sculpture that rest on a soft hill and invites the viewer to explore the different angles of the architecture. From the other side the building is views as a series of volumes that twists and rises from the park creating an open but yet protected arrival space.  The building consists of 7 exclusive apartments with private terraces that extend the life inside the building to the outside in the warmer months. The terraces have a covered and uncovered area so they can be used even during rainy days
To archive a better connection between the park where the building is placed, we have lowered the basement half below ground while the other half of the basements is covered by a soft hill. This means that you need to descent half a floor in order to get inside the apartments. This gesture means that the two lower terraces archive more privacy than if they were placed directly on the existing terrain.

partner in charge: David Zahle
project leader: Frederik Lyng
team: Daniel Selensky . Mike Taylor . Tiago Sá

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