Chen . Xiao . Li . Xie . Yin

2013 Skyscraper Competition

design team: Chen Yao, Xiao Yunfeng, Li Xiaodi, Xie Rui, Yin Xiaoxiang . Honorable Mention . + evolo

The rising of sea level is one of the most dramatic crisis that modern cities face in the last decades.

It is estimated that sea level will rise of more than 500mm by the end of this century. At that time, 600 million people will lose their homeland with 3000 cities sinking into the water. Since 2/3 of the world’s population is settled in the coastal areas.
The Promised Land is conceived as “humans” final homeland, a self-sustainable city on submerged places, shape as massive cross rising over the water level. The building works as a modular self assembly system. Prefabricated girders and columns made of reinforced concrete are fixed on the ground as foundation, then prefabricated floors are placed in order to sustain the different programatic modules.
By using a modular assembly system, the skyscraper is able to be built constantly, making it possible to develop upper programs continually.
Each block its design in different sizes according to the program that will hold, making it flexible to adapt different functions and meet different requirements. The smaller blocks are housings cells while the bigger blocks are public spaces, such as shops, schools, hospitals, recreational spaces, etc. Housing will be located on the upper layers just above the horizon while the graves will located under the horizon.
The building its conceived applying the principle of water tank floatation system that steel ships use. When the water rise, the tank can be emergency closed against the waves of the sea, only let in as much water as it requires
The building will stand as a symbol for families to pay respect to those who die during the years.

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