House of Architecture . Novi Sad


The project departs from the premises of exploring space and its discovery only by experience, grounded on a tension that architecture creates between: outside/inside. It is exactly this tension that this project focuses on.

While on the outside a monolith marks at once, almost instantaneous the presence of something, of space, on the interior the same space is defined in the opposite way, it becomes something that never gives away its total presence. Architecture creates two different states of being: on the outside: static, exposed, on the inside: dynamic, a continuous discovery. The geometry of the object defines an inside space that becomes a continuous discovery. It can never be seen in its totality. For understanding space completely you would have to use the previous experience of the outside space, where the space was described in a much palpable manner.

3 critical statements:
1 The project explores the tension between outside and inside.
2 The geometry of the object defines an inside space with a strong nonfunctional character, but rather an abstract, 3 dimensional one.
3 The anti-anti-functionalist, abstract, character of the building is emphasized as well by the structural choice. The walls of the main space are bended in order to stiffen the structure, due to the thickness of the concrete walls of 15cm making it more like paperwork.

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