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Hostel . Kyonan

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects . photos: © Yasutaka Yoshimura

This private training center is located south-west coast of the Boso Peninsula. 2 capsule-hotel type buildings and 3 tatami-style buildings; the total of 5 cottages are positioned with various angles of axis.

The client requested guest units that had the possibility of future relocation and addition. While clearing these requirements and in order to ensure the necessary dimension for the bedroom spaces with economy, we utilized a wooden structural frame on a standard freight-truck of adequate dimensions.
All the rooms have a view of the Tokyo Bay, each one becoming a space like a ship's cabin.

Location: Kyonan, Chiba, Japan
Principal use: Private training camp
Category: Newly built
Completion date: Aug/2012
Structure: Wooden, 1 story
Site area: 1,013.22sq.m
Building area: 149.85sq.m
Total floor area: 149.85sq.m
Max. Height: 3,117 mm
Structural engineer: ASA/Akira Suzuki
General contractor: Ajiro Koumuten

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