Jean Prouvé

Maison Metropole

photos: © Galerie Patrick Seguin . + domus

In 1949 this aluminum construction won a Ministry of Education competition for “mass-producible rural school with classroom and teacher accommodation”: a masterpiece of nomadic housing, followed the portico principle patented by Prouvé in 1939. The Ateliers Jean Prouvé built two of them, one in Bouqueval, near Paris, and the other in Vantoux in Moselle, which will be on show in Turin.
Galerie Patrick Seguin

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30 de abril de 2013, 9:27 MODUS-VIVENDI dijo...

Can´t wait to see it in Lingotto (Turin)!!!! I have write something about Prouvé in my blog, please, take a look!
Hope you enjoy.

Great job Afasia!!!

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