Joan Snyder

Lines and Strokes . 1969

+ Joan Snyder . GERING & LóPEZ GALLERY

Joan Snyder is an avowed feminist and belongs to the first generation of women artists to identify themselves as such. Along with Elizabeth Murray, Mary Heilman, and Miriam Schapiro, Snyder strove to tame the heroic gestures of male-dominated Abstract Expressionism into a new intimate painterly language. The paintings on view range from monumental (some as large as six by twelve feet) to modest in scale. They take the viewer by surprise as the artist skillfully invests the large canvases with an intensely personal sensibility and the smaller ones with astonishing grandeur.
The Jewish Museum

Song Cycle 3 . 2011

Brooklyn 2010 . 2010

Ode To Willow . 2007

Altar Painting III . 2009

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