Aires Mateus

Cabanas no Rio . Grândola

Aires Mateus . photos: © Nelson Garrido . + dezeen

The wharf is medieval and assembled with wood. Its identity is kept long beyond the material's resistance. An identity that allows to change, to replace, keeping all the values.

The project develops two spaces: one to unwind with the support of a kitchen integrated in the same material of the walls; other as a sleeping area with a small bathroom and a shower. The construction is entirely finished in reused wood, subjected to the weather that will keep on changing it. The forms, highly archetypal, are designed by the incorporation of the functions in these minute areas, and by the varied inclination of the ceilings that tension the spaces according to their function.

Name of the project: Cabanas no Rio
Location: Comporta, Grândola, Portugal
Construction Surface: 26m²
Authors: Manuel e Francisco Aires Mateus
Coordination: Maria Rebelo Pinto
Collaborators: Luz Jiménez, David Carceller
Client: João Rodrigues
Structure: Cenário Perfeito
Electricity: Cenário Perfeito
Construtor: Cenário Perfeito

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