Allan McCollum

Plaster Surrogates Colored and Organized by Andrea Zittel . 2013

Allan McCollum . + Petzel Gallery

Exhibition in collaboration between Allan McCollum and Andrea Zittel. The basis of the collaboration is Allan McCollum’s Plaster Surrogates, a series he began in 1982, which is a variation of his Surrogate Paintings that began in 1977-78. To produce Plaster Surrogates, McCollum and his assistants engaged in repetitive communal labor carried out in several stages: the creation of molds, the casting of plaster, and the application of enamel paint to create a smooth surface that renders the Surrogates as a sign for paintings or other framed works on a wall. Much like stage props, they encapsulate the act of looking at art.
Petzel Gallery

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