LAPIN restaurant and house . Kofu-shi

TAKESHI HOSAKA Architects . photos: © Koji Fujii Nacasa&Partners Inc

Restaurant and house facing the river Arakawa of Kofu-shi, Yamanashi. Because a cross-section of the building a breakwater of Arakawa becomes the section of the building repeatedly in the same way, on earth this building belongs with the scenery of the river and does, and it is with a thing integral with Arakawa for the scenery spatially.

The first floor is restaurant LAPIN of the French BBQ using the charcoal firing, the second floor and the third floor are houses. Is the building which is simple, and is obedient,; but facing the river such; was built, and the person has not looked. The building which it is possible, and there is not. This building and scenery consisting of Arakawa are impressive and I pray for becoming the new attractive place of Kofu.

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