Busstation and Park+Ride . Nördlingen

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This project is the result of a competition held in 2004. Since then a lot of difficulties had to be overcome before the project could finally be finished in 2010.

The project comprises two elements, a busstation with a big roof giving shelter to the
below situated 6 busstops, and a multi story carpark with integrated bikeshelter and
public toilets.
Both elements were supposed to act as a starting point for a new mixed use scheme
along the railwaytracks on a former railway site.

For the big roof we created a catchy shaped steel roof cladded with gold-coloured
expanded metal sheets. The double-folded roof defines two areas underneath its
surface, one for the waiting people the other for the trespassing people.
Two rows of pillars support the roof. Each row defines a different side and so each row
was given a specific shape according to ist task. The outer row of pillars are bulky and
define the waiting area. The inner row is delicate with a slightly pointed shape. It
supports the roof like thin fingers holding a tray.

Opposite to the big roof we placed the three storey high multistorey carpark for railway
customers. Its about eighty meters long elevation got a one-folded facade which
covers its front above the groundfloor completely and projects over the carparkfloors
on three sides. Again it is made of expanded metal sheet in the same golden colour as
the roof. The multistorey carpark is a steel construction with prefabricated concrete
ceilings. The whole body of the carpark is covered with anthracite, perforated and
profiled sheet metal.
The big roof of the busstation and the multistorey carpark act as inseparable elements
which enclose a new kind of urban space.

Michael Gebhard, Msc.;Dipl.Ing.; architect + townplanner
Prof. Ingrid Burgstaller; M.Sc.;Dipl.Ing. architect + townplanner
Structural Ingenieur:
Dr. Bernhard Behringe

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