Leslie Hewitt

Riffs on Real Time . 2013

Leslie Hewitt . + Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Leslie Hewitt uses the language of photography to interrogate the function of memory by calling to attention the displacement in time and location that occurs in its realm.This has led Hewitt to think about how we process images, even as the photograph continues to dematerialize. Curator Randi Hopkins notes: “By viewing the photograph both as an object and as an image, Hewitt is able to explore the sculptural weight and portable nature of the photograph, and to address the fact that we encounter photographs transported in time as well as in space. A photograph always documents the past, and also always exists displaced from the location it represents, yet it maintains an indexical relationship to the time and place of its origin – points to it, is inextricably tied to it.”
Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

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