Sou Fujimoto

Design District retail building facade . Miami

Sou Fujimoto . + dezeen

Sou Fujimoto was selected this year to create a facade for a 15,200-square-foot mixed-use retail building in the Design District’s Palm Court, which is set to bow in 2014. Fujimoto’s facade encompasses the building’s first and second floor arcades and creates a structural waterfall pedestrians can walk under. The Palm Court will house about 20 watch and jewelry brands.

Inspired by the flowing movement of waterfalls and Miami's tempestuous rain squalls, the building's two-floor structure will feature an elongated series of glass fins extending from the rooftop down to the open courtyard creating a dynamic visual spectacle and alluding to the prevalent aquatic nature of the city. Spanning approximately 17,000 square-feet, the building's façade encompasses first and second floor arcades creating a unique pedestrian experience under the structural waterfall. The retail housed within this project is part of Palm Court – the District's southern pedestrian promenade.

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