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Newport Street Gallery . London

Caruso St John Architects

This private gallery in Vauxhall involves the conversion of an extraordinary terrace of listed buildings that are former theatre carpentry and scenery production workshops.

The gallery forms the whole length of the street, with three listed buildings flanked by new buildings at either end. The ground and upper floors within the five buildings are continuous and internally connected to allow suites of galleries to be used in many combinations from small to very large exhibitions.
The floor level within the listed buildings has been radically altered to a new level that has a logical relationship to the existing windows, creating a series of lofty rooms. The unusual proportions of the street elevations, with their groups of low level windows and high blank walls above, have been continued in the new buildings which have facades of black engineering brick.
The plans also include offices and a restaurant.

Caruso St John project team
Charles Bedin
Adam Caruso
Tim Collett
Jonas Djernes
Christiane Felber
Kornelia Gysel
Rod Heyes
Emily Keyte
Paul Maich
Kalle Soderman
Peter St John
Ted Swift
Stephanie Webs
Frank Wössner

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