François Morellet

Entre deux mers n° 2 & n° 3 . 2013

photos: © ADAGP François Morellet. Photo. Fabrice Seixas . + kamel mennour

The artistic oeuvre of François Morellet remains for six decades consistently imaginative, systematizing indeterminacy as a method. Each work depends upon a predefined ruled-based system for inventing images, which determines the design motif as well as its formal execution.The artist varies techniques and materials using basic geometrical shapes (a square, a circle and a line …) and mathematical principles. Juxtaposition, superposition, interference, coincidence and fragmentation are his most important parameters. An enigmatic, often laughing irony is disclosed in the titles, challenging the viewer’s expectations about its ultimate meaning.

Triptyque 30°-50°-70° n° 2 . 2014

La Débâcle . 2013

Tamponnade n° 2 . 2014

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