The pavilion was built as an experimental structure in the context of the EcoArk sustainable conference that took place at Tavertet (Spain).
The main target was to implement active bending through reciprocal structures and topology driven design maximizing construction speed and standarization.

Inspired by the great work of Alison Grace Martin and Hiroshi Murata, we started developing both synclastic and anticlastic topology variations. The final prototype was a synclastic dome made of 42 identical strips each one with the same length and distance between holes.
The 30 workshop attendees were splitted in 3 groups. Each group mounted the same piece of the structure flat on the ground. The three pieces were easily assembled by 12 screws according to the instructions we distributed.
The full mounting process take less than 60 minutes.
To work with recently cut fir sapwood by Fustes Sebastià, was fundamental to increase the strips flexibility and support the torsion.
After the workshop, the pavilion was installed in the future Panikkar Foundation in Tavertet.

Gerard Bertomeu, Miriam Cabanas, Xavi Santodomingo
Nestor Jiménez, Sebastián Alvarado
EcoArk organization team, EcoArk workshop participants, ETSAV BarcelonaTech community
Fustes Sebastià
Celo Apolo
Panikkar Foundation

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