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School extension . Tarrega

NUG [Amadeu Santacana+ Umberto Viotto] . photos: © Andrés Flajszer . + archdaily

The extension, apparently intended for an athletic program must be able to become a mechanism that can absorb a much wider range program. Simultaneously, Tàrrega becomes a strong cultural demand, and emphasizing the theatrical tradition.

The piece will become a device which can be work depending on what you want to do. A sliding door and a curtain to allow for external performance, a stage without background allows cultural performances, acoustic ceilings and curtains condition the space for lectures and as an small auditorium, outdoor light and a soft ground as the sports area …. The combination of few mechanisms allows voluntary configuration of the user.
Relational visual
Indoor activities decide its relationship with the outside.
Inside the room, maximum concentration, only two points of exterior relations, specifically in the visual coincidence matching longest yard. Abstract landscape inside the room. Clippings that incorporate landscape framed.
In the changing room, the exterior is filtered; light and shadow only pass through the glass. On this front, south, is crossing the minimum of information, from one side to another.
A space for circulation is open to the great hall, and makes the filter with the most closed activities, such as bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, facilities…
Self-organizing playgrounds
The outside reply given by the volume, is determined by the specific function of each playground. An entrance and teachers courtyard, a pine forest, a vegetable garden, a hard pavement for most organized sports, a playground of sand for vague and simultaneous games, a patio for smokers and who make sharing with the people on the street… Every patio, is an entity and distinct features, and expansion is in a gap between two of these playgrounds. As a piece that breaks off and emphasizes the value and autonomy of each yard.
Each facade of the new building reacts differently depends in space to live with.

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