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2db Residential House Transformation . Saignelégier

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Located in a residential area, this house built in 1974 is isolated outside to answer contemporary thermal requirements.

The facades plays on the theme of the mimicry with the materials of the floors of the outdoor spaces: place of access in bitumen and grassy garden. The 3 facades road side and the roof are coated with plates of fibro-cement corrugated anthracites (eternit), the facade garden side is coated with artificial turf. The surface of outside spaces is extended so at the farthest and tends to remove the home in its stereotypic context of a neighborhood of houses, delaying so in doubt the icon of sacrosanct single-family home
In the middle of a quarter of villas of the years 70-80, composed in the majority of houses drawing inspiration from the traditional farm of the swiss jura mountains, the house refuses romantic and nostalgic ode to the bygone countryside and scoops out its inspirations contrariwise from the contemporary farm sheds, to remind of the past close to a residential quarter and ask the question of the rurban sprawl and the maintenance of environmental heritage.
Indoors, reality plays wood between the white and according to the level of privacy of areas.

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