Gigon / Guyer . atelier ww

Löwenbräu-Areal - Residental Tower . Zurich

Gigon / Guyer Architects . atelier ww . photos: © Frank Kaltenbach . © Thies Wachter . video: © detail . + detail . world-architects

Remodelling and expansion of the spatial programme of the ‘Löwenbräu‘ site (former beer brewery); addition to the existing galleries with new residential uses. Löwenbräu Black lies in the centre of the most lively part of the city of Zurich in District 5. The tower apartments are generously laid out and offer floor plans from 98 to 320 m² depending on the level.

above photos: © Frank Kaltenbach

above photos: © Thies Wachter

ARGE (Consortium) Löwenbräuareal
Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer, Architects, Zurich
Atelier WW, Architects, Zurich
Collaborators competition:
Gigong/Guyer: Volker Mencke
Atelier WW: Martin Danz
Collaborators Gigon/Guyer:
Volker Mencke (Planning-/ Team Manager), Bettina Gerhold,
Daniel Friedmann, Reto Killer, Kathrin Sindelar, Damien
Andenmatten, Yvonne Grunwald, Alex Zeller, Pieter Rabijns
Collaborators Atelier WW:
Peter Epprecht (Project Manager), Tatjana Abenseth, Özgül Kale,
Eric Hoffmann, Claudia Keichel, Martin Pellkofer, Thomas Huber;
TU Submission: Roman Züst, Daniel Bünzli, Christian Verasani,
Mario Ercolani, Boris Deister

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