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house of fairy tales . odense

Langarita-Navarro . house of fairy tales

The proposal creates a new urban entity and an exchange space in the city of Odense. A place where citizens come in contact with visitors and activities generated around the House of Fairy Tales.

New Urban Entity
For this purpose the competition site has been organized in two levels. The upper level coincides with the existing streets and light rail stop and it is extended as a park creating an artificial hill that covers the exhibition area. This intervention will operate as a public open space allowing free access to the different Fairytale gardens from the surroundings and allowing visual connection between the exhibition halls and the park. The area of Thomas B Thriges Gade will be part of the park extension, halfway between a green space and the street.
A Theatre Plaza is proposed to connect the street level and the lower level. It will work like a partially sloped hard surface that can hold various activities such as children's performances, concerts or street markets. This plaza also gives access to the car parking, the cafe, the shop and the auditorium and allows them to have different opening times from the Museum one. This space will become a hub of urban activities while solves the connection requirements of the place.

Langarita-Navarro arquitectos: María Langarita . Víctor Navarro.
Team members: Paula García-Masedo, Marco Mazzola, Víctor Noumann.

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