Thomas Raynaud

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25 apartments . Paris

Thomas Raynaud

The footprint of the project is due to specific regulatory and situational contingencies. The remoteness of the plot implies a strategy that tends to take advantage of these special features. Our proposal develops the synthetic conditions of a firmly urban poject.

Its morphology varies according to the situations while it gravitates around a central garden. This garden structures the whole project, giving access to the vertical cores in its four angles, and offering a generous natural enlightment to the apartments. The thiness of the building allows compact and efficient typologies with two or three orientations and almost all bathrooms and kitchens naturally lit. Finally, the perimetrical load bearing system allows a large flexibility for the layout of each floor, guarantying the building's durability.

Invited competition
Landscape: Atelier Le Balto
Size: 1 870 sqm

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