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House at the Park . Basel

Luca Selva Architekten . photos: © Ruedi Walti . + competitionline

The house is in a special location in a traquil residential area which overlooks the city of Basel. The building volume, which develops in relation to the plots depth, offers views to the city on the north and integrates naturally into the existing garden on the south. The floor plans are characterized by strong spatial structures.

Different spatial dimensions form a sequence of spaces - a path through the house, changing views of the garden, city directed views - to experience them from multiple angles. Differentiated ceiling heights give each room its own character and lead to a volumetry, which suggests the nesting of two residential systems.

Auftraggeber / Client: Privat
Projekt / Project: 2010; Realisation / Execution: 2011-2012
ProjektleiterIn / Projectmanagement: Veronique Caviezel, Gian-Andrea Serena

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