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"polyphonic" residence . Tokoro-gun

Jun Igarashi Architects . photos: @ Daichi Ano

The theme of this house is air volume. This house has many layered air volume.
So I call this house “polyphonic”. The site used to be a workplace of a construction company and it seems to share a savage atmosphere.

It is not feel the context of orientation, so I placed the house on the center of the site to avoid hierarchy around the house.
This house changes the air volume between summer and winter. The aim of this nesting composition of section and plan is to change the air volume. Not just a question of space nor design. This principle is similar to the principle of Japanese traditional “Kotasu”. To reduce energy consumption by controlling of air volume, it makes a comfortable interior environment. I think there are very few architecture examples that achieve environmental control and good space at the same time. I think this works in subtropical regions as well as in cold areas. This method of construction is a good way to be able to cope with various environments.
I see this method as a primitive way. Many other past projects are related to this one. For example “Layered House”, “Ordos 100” and “House of Eden” are close to it.
There is strong thinking about interior in our past projects. This house may also seem to share a strong awareness of interior. But in this case it expands the awareness to the outside (earth). Even this house has strong wall, awareness gently connected to outside (earth).

Location: Tokoro-gun, Hokkaido
Principal use: Private residence
Design period:2011-2012
Construction period: 2012
Architects: Jun Igarashi Architects
Structural engineer: Daisuke Hasegawa & Partners
Site area: 720.16m2
Building area: 109.31m2
Total floor area: 127.79m2

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