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mesh temporary bar . oporto

+ fala atelier . photos: © ana luisa soares . © antónio lopes

A temporary bar for a night event.
The structure, a 3x3x5m metal frame, was given. The skin is defined by an overlay of different metal meshes and plastic screens.
Light and color flow freely through the translucent materials, becoming a smooth cloud over the imposing geometry of the structure.
From far, only the light is visible; while approaching the object, the thin silhouette and its texture reveal their rationality.
The lightness of the construction allows the pavilion to be only a frame for the light it contains.

above photos: © ana luisa soares

above photos: © antónio lopes

temporary bar
oporto, portugal
competition proposal - 1st prize

project team:
fala atelier
completion date:
may 2014
ana luisa soares
antónio lopes

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