Next August will be the eighth edition of the Laboratory of Architecture and Landscape, organized by Bunka Foundation and RCR Arquitectes. The course is aimed at architects and students, with over 60 participants annually from over twenty different countries. The laboratory has the accreditation by the Barcelona School of Architecture (UPC-Barcelona Tech), and has the support of the Nebrija University from Madrid.

The Laboratory encourages a collaborative experience of the participants, while they explore territory, build knowledge of the site, develop an understanding of relationship with place and the landscape and ultimately develop research projects of Architecture and Landscape. Through this, participants will share and understand the attitude towards life, architecture and creativity of RCR which has bene evident during their career.
The Laboratory takes place in the Espai Barberí (Olot, Spain), shared between headquarters RCR and cultural activities organized by the Bunka Foundation. The Espai Barberí is an ancient foundry recovered by RCR. This is an opportunity to live for a month in a space that reflects the thinking and Architecture of RCR. This inspiring place is the meeting point of the participants and where all lectures and events will be held.
This year’s lectures will be given by, Ángela García de Paredes and Ignacio Pedrosa (ParedesPedrosa Architects), Anna and Eugeni Bach (Architects), Pedro Gadanho (MoMA Curator of Contemporary Architecture) alongside others.

Also in August, the Espai Barberí will open its doors for a number of additional events and activities to run in parallel with the Laboratory. All of which will be available for the Participants of the Laboratory to experience. This year will be the 3rd edition of the International Audiovisual and Photography Workshop, coordinated by Júlia de Balle, will feature the collaboration of prestigious Japanese Photographer, Hisao Suzuki and the film theorist Ivan Pintor.
In the wake of ´Shared Creativity. RCR Arquitectes´ an exhibition of the work of RCR, held at the Palau Robert in Barcelona (March-September), ´The RCR Forum´ will take place during the Laboratory. This will be meeting and reunion of professional architects who have been part of RCR in the past and present, aiming to share experiences, celebrate and reflect on of their time during and after RCR.
Applications for the Laboratory are open until May 31.


Porto Academy 2015


Workshop Local y Visitante

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