Kinsbergen . Sports Center . Walchwil

Raumbureau . Jan Kinsbergen Architekt

The municipal competition brief asked for the development of a center for local recreation, sited in the moorlands on a plateau 930 meters above Lake Zug. The design proposes a sequence of artificial platforms—-football ground, practice field, clubhouse, future sports hall—in the gently modulated landscape.

A flat, 800-square-meter square-shaped building hosts all infrastructural facilities and program. A cafe with kitchen, team dressing rooms, multipurpose room, and technical rooms are each oriented to one of the four sides of the building, allowing for separate access to all spaces and independent operation of all program parts throughout the year.
The architecture of the building is calm. Two concrete columns and two walls on a horizontal plinth support a massive exposed concrete roof of 28 meter x 28 meter spanning above the interior and the porch area. Depending on the perspective of the beholder, the distinct horizontality of the green roof integrates the flat building into the landscape while simultaneously setting a contrasting moment against the undulated topography. The building is to be realized 2012-2013.

Design Team
Rolf Jenni, Jan Kinsbergen, Tom Weiss
Raimond Vogel, Zürich
Structural engineering
Ulaga Partner AG, Basel: Tomaz Ulaga, Dominik Weiss

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