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24-hour Museum opening . Paris

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For the 24-Hour Museum AMO reflects on the idea of the museum as a social laboratory, investigating different kinds of exhibition spaces and the rituals they frame: from classic 18th century museums to "propaganda machines" such as Hitler's Haus der Kunst in Munich; from informal art storages to pristine white cubes; and, finally, to the commercialization of public museums.
Instead of one single type of exhibition space for the monumental modernist Palais d'Iena, AMO proposes three different moments: experimental, classic, informal.

The result is a collage of spaces of diverse size and quality: an imaginary and ephemeral total museum that hosts the sequence of rituals unfolding through the 24 hours.
1) Experimental and contemporary
The biggest part of the installation. A monumental pink neon cage turns the main space into a psychedelic concrete and metal nave. It hosts the majority of Vezzoli "statues" and the private dinner.
2) Classic and Propagandistic
The main concrete stair features one special statue with a background of three huge red curtains. For the cocktails.
3) Storage or "Salon des Refusés"
Inspired by inaccessible but precious museum archives, and located in a hidden part of the ground floor, this is space will be used as a small scale disco. It's accessible through layer of stretched green velvet, and it features imaginary relics of F. Vezzoli's art.

Paris, Palais d'Iéna - Comité économique et social européen (CESE)
Temporary Exhibition - Event Space

Prada Engineering
Mauro Meroni, Larsen Montenesi
Francesco Vezzoli

Rem Koolhaas
Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli
Fausto Fantinuoli, Alice Gregoire, Midori Hasuike

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