Architekt Daniel Fügenschuh

Hauptschule . Rattenberg

Architekt Daniel Fügenschuh . photos:  © Christian Flatscher

A 15th century monastery in Rattenberg, Tyrol was first transformed to a secondary school with a new gym extension in the early 1970ies. To meet today’s social needs and pedagogic standards a new school extension became necessary so pupils can stay after school and get lunch. Open plan zones will free up space to allow for alternative teaching methods.
With a modern approach of protecting architectural heritage the building opens up to the historic centre re-defining the importance of the school in the urban context of Rattenberg. The main part of the school within the monastery from the 14th century will stay untouched.

Ort site
Rattenberg, Österreich
Architekt architect
Daniel Fügenschuh
Wettbewerb competition
1. Platz
Bauherr client
Rattenberger Immobilien GmbH
Haustechnikplaner mechanical engineer
Statik structural engineer
Fertiggestellung completion
Nutzfläche floor space
250 m²

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