LAN Architecture

Hotel Residence . Atacama

LAN Architecture . + bustler

Extreme is the word that keeps coming back on the table at the time of the study.
Extreme but necessary is the choice to implement life and activity in the region.
Extreme is the site, the climate, the drought, the light, the horizontal dimension of the territory.
Extreme is also the way the place will be used: without schedule, without rules, without connection to the site, lost in the middle of the desert.
Extreme is the fact that once there, there is no alternative but to live in this very hotel.
Extreme is also the time given to draw a project that embraces all the factors.

Facing the extreme
This is the drive that leads us, from the desert, through civilizations, techniques and architectures to an idea.
How to transcribe these conditions in a site where for thousands of years the phenomenon hasn’t been generated by itself? How to import urbanity in an area where nature overwhelms man?

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