Ramos . Salcedo

Europan 11 . San Bartolomé

Team project: Rubén Ramos Jiménez . Héctor Salcedo García . Contributor: José Javier Rodríguez Barbudo

Proposed intervention strategies are developed in an integrated manner as a set of linked scenarios, creating an urban tapestry of resources connected by four specific circuits that ensure efficient access from the town of San Bartolomé to the new development north of town.
In this system we distinguish four main elements:

1. Nodes, as common scenarios of shared resources.
2. Drifts, as specific connection circuits.
3. Core, consisting on new sports facilities
4. Doors, hooked small-scale urban spaces connecting with the town centre

It operates as a stimulation of new activities, and as a link with the surrounding landscape, integrating required residential and equipment uses in a topographic solution, which creates an ecosystem in a medium stage between urban park and agriculture tradition.

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