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OE House . Alforja

Fake Industries . aixopluc: david tapias

The world is full of architecture, more or less interesting; we do not wish to add any more. Douglas Huebler's motto, partially vandalized, seems an appropriate response to the current condition in architecture today. Faced with an unprecedented amount of available projects, the problem is not needing to write more of it but rather negotiate the negotiate what already exists.

The Clients wanted a double house, so they can move from one half to the other according to their state of mind. We provide with two well-known domestic environments -- the open frame of the Case Study houses for hedonistic pleasures toped with the interiorized existentialism of Le Corbusier's Maison Jaoul -- literally. The resulting exquisite corpse ensures the schizophrenic differentiation of modes of habitation as much as it negotiates the impossible encounter of the types.

Project: OE House
Status: Under Construction
Client: Mr. O and Ms. E
Location: Alforja, Spain
Program: Private Residence

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